Imus has a pair all right.


Ten days ago, who’d have guessed that the next two Musings would be on the topic of Don Imus? But it worked out that way–so enjoy.

“Slime Us in the Morning”

A couple of years ago, in May of 2005 to be more precise, I tuned in to a cable news channel one morning to find out what was doing in the world. The program was wrapping up a sports segment and somehow the topic turned to Australian pop star/actress Kylie Minogue, who had recently undergone surgery for breast cancer. And the sports announcer said this to the host: “Kylie ain’t gonna be so beautiful when the bitch got bald head and one titty.”

I’ll pause here for a moment if you need to let that sink in. I know I sat slack-jawed for a while trying to get my mind around it. It was the single most appalling, heartless, inhumane thing I ever heard uttered on a broadcast of any sort, let alone on a “news” program. I didn’t feel like writing a letter to the FCC, I wanted to ram my fist down the bastard’s throat…
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Punishment: Imus Agrees to Become Nappy-Headed Ho

EWM- (April 11, 2007, New York, NY) – In what some are calling an act of desperation and others say is a cry for help, disgraced disc jockey Don Imus has agreed to become a “nappy-headed ho” during his two-week suspension for referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team by that epithet…
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